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Closing Cost Calculator

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Estimate your closing costs for a mortgage loan

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Estimated Closing Costs


At $5,412 in lender costs, $3,336 in third-party costs and $2,747 in settlement charges, your estimated closing costs are 13,000.

Lender Closing Costs: $6,917

Closing Item Cost
Origination/Broker Fee Cap of 3% of loan amount if loan greater than $100k. Cap of $3k otherwise.
Discount Points 0-4% of loan amount for conventional and up to 6% for FHA.
Administration Fee $0-995
Underwriting Fee $0-995
Document Prep Fee $0-200
Commitment/Lender Rate Lock Fee Between 0.5-2% of loan amount.

Third-Party Closing Costs: $3,336

Closing Item Cost
Credit Report Fee $15-35
Appraisal Fee $400-550
Courier Fee $35-75
Flood Certification Fee $7-45
Tax Service Fee $40-95
Wire Transfer Fee $20-55
Lender's Inspection Fee $0-175
Recording Fee $35-150
Notary Fee $125-300
Title Insurance Average 0.5% of purchase price (or loan amount in a refinance).
Closing/Escrow Fee Average 0.2% of purchase price + $250. Typically split between seller and buyer.

Settlement Charges: $2,747

Settlement Item Charge
Pre-Paid Interest # of days from close to end of month. Worst case is 30 days if you closed on the 1st.
Homeowners Insurance Varies between states. Between $250-1,500 annually.
Mortgage Insurance Impound 1 month of premium. Mortgage insurance is between 0.25-2% of loan amount (depends on your LTV).
Property Taxes Impound 1-8 months of taxes. Taxes vary between states; 0.18-1.89% of assessed property value.