APR Calculator

APR Calculator

Luke Loan Officer

Calculate your annual percentage rate to determine the true annual cost of your loan with financing charges

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Your loan amount is $300,826 with a principal & interest payment of $1,524. Then, factoring in $2,400 of finance charges, your effective loan amount is $303,226 with a payment of $1,536.

About Your APR

Annual percentage rate (APR) is the true yearly cost of your loan. The APR considers not only your rate, but also the finance charges you may pay, such as points, application and underwriting fees.

BeSmartee TipTip: By law, lenders must disclose the APR to you, however lenders may calculate APR differently by including (or leaving out) various finance charges. Knowing the APR is a good start, but be sure to review all finance charges as well.